Privacy Protection is the provision of services to ensure the integrity and security of critical
information from 3rd parties that would seek to obtain information for reasons that would cause
a negative effect.

This service can be bracketed into:


Technical Privacy

We provide clients the assurance that they are free from any kind of technical risk to their privacy.

This can come from electronic surveillance, eavesdropping, tracking, communication interception or any other form of intrusion caused by technical means.


Cyber Privacy

Cyber privacy ensures that our clients are protected from all forms of Cyber intrusion. All forms of Hacking and Cracking can be protected against. Cyber protection encompasses far more than just an IT security function, the entire Data Domain is protected from unwanted and unauthorised


Physical Privacy

The physical protection of privacy encompasses all the physical elements required to ensure our clients critical information and privacy remains secure.

All physical domain elements are included.




Privacy Monitoring

Remote Privacy Monitoring is the provision of a technical solution into the physical environment that automatically monitors for Technical, Cyber and Physical intrusion.




Privacy Training

Our Privacy Training Centre is world leading. Offering over 130 Modules centred around Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), Cyber Security and Physical Privacy Security Disciplines.

With dedicated real life training areas including buildings, vehicles boats and aircraft.

Privacy Equipment

We supply Technical, Cyber and Physical Privacy equipment.

Specifically designed to protect privacy, the equipment we supply has been rigorously tested to Detect, Identify, Locate and Deny privacy breaches.


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